South Pacific
Journal of Psychology

Editorial - Volume 14, 2002/3

South Pacific Journal of Psychology

ISSN:  1329-2617

Volume 14, 2002/3


Kia ora Readers!

Important messages should never be diluted with too much verbiage, so this editorial is purposely short and sweet. The singularly important announcement that we have to make is that the journal is delighted to welcome Leo Marai to the position of Joint Editor of SPJP. As we all know by now, Leo has made, and continues to make, a massive contribution to the momentum of the journal, and his promotion to an Editor is both a reflection of that and a cause for optimism that we will continue to develop in the direction of our mission as this new century truly begins. It is also very fitting of course that the journal is returning to the home from where it began. Welcome, Leo, and I am looking forward tremendously to watching your special issue (with Graham Davidson, Anthony Marsella, David Thomas, Tod Sloan and Johana Prawatisari), and to working closely with you in the time to come.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Massey University School of Psychology for generously supporting copyediting work, and also to extend our appreciation to Robyn Knuth and Lorraine Armstrong for their kind assistance in preparing this issue for print. Thanks are due also to Linda Kemp, for all your help with the final editing of this issue. We remain ever thankful to Harvey Jones, our Webmaster, for assisting us to bring this material to the www.

Stuart Carr, Auckland, Albany, October 2003

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