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Journal of Psychology

Editorial - Volume 12(1), 2000

South Pacific Journal of Psychology

ISSN:  1329-2617

Volume 12(1), 2000


It gives me great pleasure to introduce this latest issue, within Volume 12, of the South Pacific Journal of Psychology. In the issue, we are blessed with contributions from Aotearoa, Australia, Japan, and Hawai'i. It is not for me to pontificate on what lies between the pages, but one theme at least does seem to leap out at me, namely community development. Indigenous suicide, substance use and abuse, community crime, social capital, and quality of life in a global economy, are all substantive community issues for our day, and hugely relevant to the South Pacific region. Both the global and the local are captured in this issue.

This theme of global and local is developed further in the second issue (forthcoming) of Volume 12. In it, we have decided to mark the new millennium with a look back at some of the papers from the journal's history in the 20th century. We knew from monitoring our website that there is still a lot of interest out there about previous issues, and it seemed a worthy and timely idea to put a collection of papers together in one handy volume. These papers have been grouped into three core sections, namely papers discussing globalisation, others dealing with localisation, or the re-assertion of traditional norms in the face of global pressure to assimilate, and, thirdly, a series of papers discussing the fascinating interaction between the global and the local, or “glocalisation.” This special issue will be appearing in print shortly, and we hope to be able to keep the price within reason for our valued readers.

In terms of editorial developments, I am honoured to be able to introduce two new members to SPJP's Editorial Board, both of whom have worked tirelessly for the journal in recent years. Dr. Bridie O'Reilly is the Public Health Coordinator/Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences at the Northern Territory University, in Darwin Australia, and manages a major Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal and Tropical Health project. Bridie is also the Northern Territory Coordinator of the Northern Territory Drug Trends, the Northern Territory representative on the Alcohol and Drug Council of the Australian Research Reference Group, and the Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs. In a former life, Dr. O'Reilly was the Research and Evaluation Coordinator for the Northern Territory's Living With Alcohol program, and has published widely in the fields of substance use and trends in use, treatment outcomes, program and project evaluation, social policy, non-government sector management support, and training. She also has extensive experience in the non-government sector in substance misuse, homelessness, offender post-release support, child sexual abuse, and sexual assault, and has been involved in the management of non-government organisations. Dr. O'Reilly is currently involved in research on substance use patterns and the monitoring of licit and illicit substance use, where she has published several papers with SPJP. Along with Janice Jessen and Paul Rysavy, Bridie will be editing a forthcoming special issue of SPJP, on substance use and abuse in the South Pacific region, and we are delighted to welcome her to our Board.

Rolf Kuschel has spent over 30 years conducting field research on Bellona Island in the Solomon Islands. Among other publications from the region, he is the author of “Vengeance is their reply,” which is reviewed in this issue. He has also contributed immeasurably to our journal both in terms of publishing articles and acting as a consultant for the journal's activities and future directions. Dr. Kushel's dedication and contribution to the Bellonese community was recently honoured by the people of the Solomon Islands, in a ceremony thanking him for recording so much of Island culture and history. His knowledge and expertise about Bellona is recognised in fact around the world today. We are therefore very honoured to welcome Rolf to the Editorial Board of the South Pacific Journal of Psychology.

Stuart Carr, Auckland, Albany, 2001

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